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Horse Liability Insurance

If you own a horse, you need to get insurance to cover its behavior and health. You don't need to just consider getting insurance - you need to actually do it. You never know how your horse is going to act toward others or what elements are going to harm it, so you it's best to be prepared. Therefore, insure your horse!

Besides going by the obvious name of horse liability insurance, this type of specialized insurance goes by some of the following: commercial equine liability insurance, equine liability insurance, personal farm insurance, or simply just equine insurance. Whatever you choose to call it, you are bound to come up with results if you search for it online.

Only specialized insurance companies handle insurance that will cover your horse. Thus, if you hit up Geico or Progressive, for example, they won't be able to help you. Some horse insurance companies that I am aware of are Equisure, Inc., Neuman Equine Insurance, Agririsk, Quality Equine Insurance, Fry's Equine Insurance, and Eq Group. Check them out and compare rates. Get a horse insurance quote from each of them before proceeding.

Also, your specialized equine insurance group will be able to answer any questions you have, such as "how much coverage do I need for my horse?" and other similar questions. All their equine insurance policy specifics obviously vary and change frequently. In order to get the most up to date information, you will have to call various equine insurance agencies and take it from there.

Horse liability insurance protects you and your horse against injury and death - and if it injures another individual (including other horses.) Some horses are worth millions of dollars and being liable for your horse's actions is a responsibility that must be taken seriously. Equine liability insurance policies are for horse owners only - not for people who are simply scared of horses.

Do you need insurance for your horse? Let me put it this way: Did you know that you are solely responsible for your horse's behavior at all times, even if your horse is residing at a boarding facility? Yes, you are responsible for this and you will need to carry insurance for horses even in this case. Horses are large creatures and can cause a lot of damage if they suddenly decide to act out. Be prepared for this and expect it to happen at the back of your mind.
   Ask your local broker about the liability insurance price. On vacation, be sure to add rental car liability insurance.